Yeuron's Fall

March 17th, 2024 At 11:40AM

Written By Digital Cheese

After nearly 2 years of war, a sworn enemy of the Digital Cheese Empire has fallen, and yes this blog is late by a while especially since we're a Republic now but whatever.


For context behind the man we are about to laugh at, within August 2022 he had started a war in the SDKCommunity claiming that a Discord account, which I proved wasn't mine within less than a day (as it was a member of my own server). It had gotten me banned from the even more pathetic SDKPaint Community Discord, but whatever.

I narrowed down the account to my friend DedSec on Paint and Yeuron himself making a fake account in an attempt to slander me, however DedSec is only even a thought in my mind because of the fact that he was the only person I knew with such an account.

I will later on make a seperate article detailing SDKCommunity War 2, which I declare ended on the day Yeuron got banned due to the fact Star Shadow actually died months back (Star Shadow being the admin who banned me as Yeuron doesn't have admin powers). Admittedly the war could've been done far better looking back on it, such as saying "I didn't do this, but it would've been based if I would've done so" and not being a normie-conservative.

Whatever though, I will keep this here as a note of the end of the war and its hilariousness of the downfall. Yeuron himself is bisexual so I guess he can say fag/faggot even if you're a moralfag, but I don't really care. Just say the slur, but Paint rules say he can't. He's also native-american whereas I'm white, so I think he's just mad that my race was better than his, Yeuron is the type of guy to call you a colonizer as if that's an insult. That aside, lets get to the actual screenshots.

Last Paint Day

Note, screenshots are first to last, however Paint shoutboxes require you to view it as bottom to top for the messages. Also I don't think I have the entire message history (if I find more screenshots I have, I'll upload them), but you can tell what happened in the chat. At the end, we started memeing him like 9 year olds would've memed someone because of how pathetic he was. Fag Uusage
Fag Usage 2 Realized hes banned
Bro thought the GYATT rizzler wouldnt kill his ass.

As of writing, he's still banned. See here (IA,MAFF)


In the end, I win every time and I'm right about everything :3
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