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Venith - The main empire as of now, also the manager of the TDK name, hence it allows the TDK clan-tag but prefers VNTH now. Most domains that aren't entirely unique but related to Venith have a sub-domain. It is a bit of a clusterfuck with 30 different changes happening at once, sometimes one undoing the other so I gotta fix it up but yea its the most active I currently work on.

The Destruction Kingdom - The first attempt at an actual clan. It went well, but has since merged into Venith. Many things are getting renamed or even deleted entirely because they are dead and/or I can't turn it into Venith. A few things still require or benefit from the TDK name (because TDK is shorter than VNTH in gaming), but its preferred to use VNTH wherever possible.


DC Empire - The original 2015 empire, it is basically dead to TDK/Venith, but I still consider it mostly-inactive rather than fully dead because of it being more about the Digital Cheese name. Even if TDK or Venith died, this would still exist. If Venith or TDK ever went south, I'd gladly try to get my empires started again under the DC Empire name as I'd just have to stop using clan-tags (though if DCE became big enough again, I'd try to reintroduce Venith or another empire if I could do it realistically due to its benefits as well).

Dead Works

Major Contributions

Anti-TikTok Union - Joined 2021, created it's first and last actually updated website, helped both it and the Draglox/other user split before rocky B's ban, and much more. Likely would've became full-admin had I been able to be slightly more active. Lasted until like Feburary 2023, when it finally shut-down sadly. I still miss it though, it was fun especially in the early-days.

Anti-TikTok Order - Created by a person who is no longer my fren, previously named "Mire", "ATTOMasterMire", etc. It was created originally as a revolt against the ATTU sometime around September 2022. The ending was pathetic in March 2023 though, it was because I "sided" with my fren royal-rawr whenever I didn't try to make shit cult-like. Fucking idiot he was, and whats funny is that he almost had it in a not-gay way. I doubt he'll even see this, but if he does then yea let me just say you're still a fucking idiot lol you almost had it perfect and you grew way faster than I could ever dream of AND kept activity, but would kill it right as it got good again for no reason. Don't larp as Anti-Discord if you're barely willing to even fully quit it or expect a few liberalish people to get in.

Minor Help

BetaTube - YT Revival I had administrator privileges on back in 2022, it shut down and it never came back. Last I saw of the owner hwd, who is now Evie, has trooned out (RIP lol).
I may be missing some projects that I've contributed to. If they are actual projects and not just mere Discord servers and subreddits, please email me. Some stuff may intentionally be unlisted such as WIP books that are planned to be sold for money and sometimes even get entire domains.


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