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Dictator of Venith and king of 3DSPaint/SDK 2021-2024, I also happen to be a terrible web-developer attempting to learn C and other languages of the sort. This website is my main playground for interesting things to me along with other stuff.








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Would also like to note a few things. On top of archives of really old stuff no one is going to read through, this site also focuses on religion, politics, technology, and a few other things. Occasionally, I'll release entire books, although usually they will simply be stories I write rather than argumentation of things for convenience of reading such posts. If you have anything of interest, feel free to email me! You may use GPG keys in order to send messages to me, but do expect responses to be longer if I have to send a message on a device without my GPG-key. Also, my email will not work on Gmail or Yandex sadly, so rip. | GPG Key
English+French, any via imperfect translation.

I am Christian and therefore religion articles will be in-support of Christianity, I don't really have any specific denomination though I'd probably fall somewhere between Orthodox and Lutheran. As for politics, articles on those will essentially be entirely random, some days I sound like Hitler and other days I sound like a blue-haired liberal. Technology will mostly focus on Linux, anything free, mostly open-source, etc however I may review things which aren't free/open-source, however it will be noted that they aren't free/open-source if I do so within my website. I happen to be in several webrings which I will list here for obvious reasons, if I'm going to be a member then I might as well make sure they are viewable here for those who want it.

< Travelers Of Agora Road >
< The Book Ring >
< Free Speech Ring >
< Wii-Ring >

The webrings above all were simplified to not require JS, external media, etc meaning they should work even if it partly went down, though I'll have to make sure that nothing changes for those who don't have a non-JS version built-into the webring (which most require JS normally, btw). You may see my posts elsewhere on the internet, however if it isn't linked here (and I don't specify it's me via GPG-encrypted emails), then expect it is not me. I doubt anyone is using my name, and even if they are, they would've likely just claimed the name without knowing that I probably got the name first. I could go on for a long time for no reason, but in all honesty I don't have much else to really say. Thanks for reading this short introduction, enjoy the website :D
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