Make Paint Great Again

December 7th, 2023 at 9:02PM

Written By Digital Cheese

The manifesto intended to change the course of Paint history and destroy the anti-SDK establishment holding us back from the revolution.


First of all, the current state of Paint is dissapointing. For one, we have a lack of activity, but we also don't have extreme freedoms like we did in early-2022. Paint is suffering from being in the worst state a website could be in right now I believe. The worst state your site can be in is dead with little fun, that is where we are at right now. Secondly, the site is broken after years. This goes back far before the modern Paint era, but it certainly does not help. We must find a way to fix the websites code or make it again from scratch while retaining the same look. The former is easier and far better of an idea anyways.

That is not all however, as we must figure out, why do these things happen? Well it is not 100% clear why half the site is broken, why the site is dead, and why there still are admin issues despite most of the admins being actually quite notable and usually chill about the rules. My guess isn't exact, but I aim to figure out all of Paint's problems with this piece and ways to fix them.

Note: If you decide to read further, you will need to read the terms section. This is to establish basic terms that I will be using throughout the manifesto for those that are unfamiliar with Paint's community or those who are simply not up-to-date with the current terms as they change occasionally.


SDK/SDKCommunity: Name used to describe all of 3DSPaint, DSiPaint, HullBreach Online, and other SDK/HullBreach related services/applications.
DCE: D(igital) C(heese) Empire
TDK: The Destruction Kingdom
SDKcord: (Un)official Discord server for SDK. AMAB: All Mods Are Bitches (meme of ACAB) Overlord: The highest moderator role a user can achieve other than owner, which is reserved for HullBreach. Has all admin powers + flashing name in chatrooms.
CSS: Cascading Style Sheet(s), used to customize web-pages including Paint profiles.
TMJ: The Mystical Journey

SDK's Issues

Despite it seeming like a bad idea to start something that is supposed to encourage SDK becoming great again with it's issues instead of circlejerking that the website is good and its just one issue, there are actual issues SDK suffers from.

A. Broken Pages

The majority of SDK's pages are broken either partially or fully. A good majority of the pages would be partially broken instead of fully broken, but a good majority of those would easily be considered fully broken if one more thing broke.

Partially broken pages often function as intended, but they lack dark-mode CSS or parts or the page look a bit weird. They are mosty fine, sometimes you can even fix the issue on the client-side making things easier to use until HullBreach manages to fix it. For example, the bulletin boards would be partially broken because you are unable to reply to threads, but you are still able to read everything that has been posted and never deleted.

Partially Broken Page - Merely Light Mode Being Broken, But Otherwise Functional

Fully broken technically can load in some cases, but nothing actually works on the page as intended. The SDK library would be an example of this due to it's lack of an ability to read any of the books currently "available" along with it's lack of an ability to submit new books.

Fully Broken Page - Library Book Submission Having Both Broken CSS And Trying To Do Anything Seemingly Fails

Needless to say, we at least need to get SDK to have partially functioning pages for every page, preferably fully functioning though.

B. Lack Of Activity

The lack of activity on SDK is pretty major as well. There are not any exact statistics about SDK unforunately, but we can take a guess based off it's blogs, polls, and groups due to the fact they are the least broken parts of the site + the most active.

Considering blogs and polls at most can get a consistent 10-15 votes, along with groups often having the same 10 or so people, we can conclude 10-15 frequent users is around where SDK is activity-wise. There are many more members and you can make the number go up to around 20 active users if you include people who simply aren't posting a lot.

How is the entire site carried by 10-15 people yet manages to have not one, but two top groups within the same year? The math does not add up until you consider that this is purely who is active, not who joins then leaves after a short amount of time. Frequently people will be active for a little while tuen forget about the site.

There are several reasons for this I believe. For one, most users join and believe they will be active, and then they get bored and go back to doom-scrolling on a mainstream website like YouTube, Twitter, etc. Also, many users actually stay active until life gets them, and then they start being less active. Finally, the last reason I can think of is that there are some members who are experiencing burnout from this website. Some are more extreme and will still be active, just taking things slower like me. Others just stop using the site for a few months-years, and this is pretty much inevitable because Paint has been around since 2009.

The activity question is a hard one to solve due to the fact that you no longer can do everything yourself, but must rely on others to help out. Yes, you can make alt accounts to interact with each other. However, is that even good for the site? You can't pretend it's not your alternative accounrs forever so you eventually have to stop using them and make the site look deader or just admit they are your accounts.

I will note that activity would pick up if SDK's other issues are solved due to the fact some people get bored because it is all broken or there are some admins who like to ruin the fun. There is a fine line between fun and being an issue for SDK, however we have not crossed it yet and if we have, it would have been in late-2021 when I would spam Eminem lyrics to be edgy or it would have been in early-2022 when people posted PornHub links and spammed everyone's notifications before we discovered how to actually spam them so badly that we could break the site (which is where an actual line should be drawn).

C. The Anti-SDK Establishment

The Anti-SDK "establishment" isn't actually any group named that or anything similar, it is simply what I will use to refer to people who actively sabotage SDK's activity unknowingly or advocating for SDK's death blatantly. The only reason they pose any threat is because this unofficial "establishment" happens to have admins of the website. The Anti-SDK establishment is expanded upon further below, but if they did not have at least 1 administrator (with ban perms) on their side, they would be harmless and thus not mentioned except as a meme to laugh at.

D. Miscallenous Issues

The rest of this is minor things that are probably not gonna change much if done, but I would enjoy if they were changed, added or fixed.

Joining Groups Without Invites
Private Groups
Group Threads Or Blogs + Actual Chatroom (Shoutbox For Announcements)
TMJ Being Finished
Blog Contests Again + Things To Get Other Now Unobtainable Badges (Despite How Few There Are)
And more minor quality of life improvements.


Instead of bitching about SDK's issues and not doing anything about it, I am going to actually try to solve things around here.

A. Fix Pages

This one is the most obvious. Just fix the pages that are broken. Some of them are merely CSS issues and thus you could change the stylesheet a bit and be done. Hell, you might fix other previously brokeb parts too. Carefulness is needed in order to not break more, but this is an easy fix.

Not all problems on the site are just CSS, but often backend so I can't really help there. I have a good enough idea of PHP to be able to use it, but not good enough for it to be possible for me to just fix everything. Plus thats assuming another language isn't used as well.

However, if you fix the pages not working as intended then more people stay because it actually works. They also stay for longer. I am glad HullBreach has fixed email verification though, it was broken for years before he did so earlier this year. We need more major fixes like that I believe to make things go better on this front.

Temporary Solutions To CSS (will likely not be perfect):
Better Darkmode

B. Increase The Activity

Increasing the activity is pretty annoying to figure out how to do unless we want to bring idiots jnto this website. However, if we don't get activity then the website dies. As a result, I have a few ideas.

First off, start linking things via 3DSPaint links. Tutorials, stories you're writing that you aren't planning on selling as a book, etc. I might actually do the same thing for certain things and simply port things over to the archives at the same time. They should be done as blogs until the bulletins are fixed, in which case those would be better in some cases such as for actual discussion due to it's forum-like approach to things.

Second off, actually use the website. That would be a major help and it's what I've dedicated a lot of my time to. I want Paint to be great again, but complaining its dead and not doing anything about it will never help anyone. Be active, or quit complaining Paint is dead because you aren't even trying.

Thirdly, host events on the site. Preferably ones that won't be impossible to get people organized on even under perfect time-circumstances due to how many people still use DSi or 3DS for the website. Pokemon Tournaments, art competitons, etc. That gives people a reason to stay and sometimes encourages more activity because people are having FUN, not saying "gay sex uwu" for the millionth time this month.

To end off the ways to revive SDK, create your own group. I made DCE and its at 116 members, I made TDK and its at 82 members. Even on SDK, you can easily get members for your group. If you use other platforms, invite those members to the Paint version of the group. Its not hard, you can do what I do.

C. Anti-SDK Establishment

The Anti-SDK establishment is both hard to defeat and almost pointless. The main way I can think of to defeat them is to get more admins + overlords on our side, however that itself is hard. Unless HullBreach granted admin or there were very major movements to get someone else as admin, good luck. I'd root for Draconid_Jo here due to his basically perfect reputation even on the Discord + him being a bit like me in that he wants to revive SDK. Due to how long I can go on about them, they are part of a different section called Anti-SDKer Hell

Anti-SDKer Hell

If you have not already, I would recommend going back and reading what Anti-SDKer means as to avoid confusion. As said in the definition, even overlords could be "Anti-SDK", but it is basically impossible. The biggest Anti-SDKer group is (ironically) the "unofficial" SDK Discord, referred to as SDKcord.

A. Why They Are An Issue

We already know they aren't good for SDK for obvious reasons, however they are an issue that should be paid attention to due to the fact they will sabotage plans to revive it, or at least they have demonstrated they will harm my own revival plans (which are the biggest and basically only plans as of now). It is mostly that one admin who has ban privileges is part of what I would call "the anti-SDK establishment".

B. What They Do To SDK

The "establishment" (if you want to call it that) essentially tries to kill off any actual progress of SDK. They're all Paint members or were once, and very rarely is it even "unintentional" as most seriously suggest just killing the website.

Ironically, they still have accounts in a lot of cases and they still use the website. They complain Paint has "*insert current thing* rehtoric" usually, otherwise its even more non-sensical. I can name several people who complain about Paint, do nothing to actually try to achieve what they want, yet still won't just quit such as Yeuron and Thi500, but that is besides the point as we are here simply to laugh at their foolishness.

C. Memes Of SDKcord

Yaynikki Gets A Bad Dream:
yaynikki on 11/29/2023 at 3:36AM - he's personally affected me to the point where, last night, i had a dream where i lose my admin priviledges (I presume due to lack of activity compared to other admins; I didn't find out for sure) and the first thing i discovered was a blog approved by another admin by dc that he was celebrating my demotion
How do you even get to this level-

AaronAstro/Thi500 Complains About "Right Wing Rhetoric":
Not even gonna bother alt-texting this, but basically AaronAstro complains about homophobia, transphobia, and RW-rhetoric being allegedly on Paint.
Is the "homophobia", "transphobia", and "right wing rhetoric" in the room with us right now?
Seriously though, almost every active member is LGBT, you aren't getting shit by "making the site less homophobic". Name an actually active member that isn't LGBT or mostly chill with LGBT people that isn't literally banned on sight by admins (you can only name like 3 people, all of which are banned and only 2 of which have came back under alt accounts). Your entire argument is either based on deluding yourself to the point of insanity, or based off sources that probably aren't even from SDK itself. And no, one minor incident doesn't represent the entire site so don't even try that bullshit.

Yeuron Mad At The Basedness Of TDK:
Yeuron on 8/26/2023 at 3:29PM states - They should just take down the site at this point ... DC has ruined it
I would love to actually see anyway I made SDK worse, because all I am seeing is improvement. The site was basically dead back when I joined, now we're at the top. I'm doing what y'all claimed you wanted on 3DSPaint, but failed to do. I'm you, but better. If Yeuron thinks I ruined SDK and the site should just be taken down, by all means I believe he should delete his account. He said he would do it once in 2022, but he pussied out and didn't do it. Its easy y'know, the option is there. You aren't in either of the TDK groups, you serve no purpose.

There are probably plenty more of examples both newer and older, but I'd prefer to not have to look through everything I have. Plus, that makes this section unnecessarily long.

D. Why They Are Usually Harmless

They are usually harmless because they do shit like what you just saw in "Memes Of SDKcord". It is very easy to win a fight against people who literally have dreams about people who they haven't talked to for like 3-4 months, whom complied because they were literally forced to because they don't want to get banned. Seriously, yaynikki shouldn't be acting like this. This is the funniest shit I've ever seen.

I thought I had to troll this Discord by stirring shit up occasionally to get them to mald, however it seems that I do not. In fact, they get mad at themselves. They're essentially that one meme where the person makes an imaginary bad-guy then gets scared at that bad-guy. All I am saying is that SDK is currently fucked, we need to fix it, and I simply say it in a rather extreme way.

Why? It is because I know people on my side will listen almost no-matter what as they know the whole thing is fucked and we want to save it, however I also know that by stirring shit up with the SDK Discord server, you can get tons of entertainment out of it and these people will take every word without a grain of salt apparently. Thats why they want to shut up about me, but never do even after months. The stuff they complain about is why I even managed to get to my position.

If the people against me were actually sane, I wouldn't have anywhere near as much support. However, when the average admin literally uses them having a bad dream about me as a sort of way to say I'm just so mean, their side can't be taken seriously. Thus if I don't get banned, I always win in the end. And if it were as easy as simply making a new TDK/Venith group to be back to normal, I would've won so easily that I wouldn't even have to follow the rules.

They are harmless half the time because they are dumbasses, they will always lose because they keep playing into it. The only way to win is to not play into it, but they can't even resist it despite them wanting to. Its like an addiction for them, except they can't admit they're obsessed over it. Remember, I can only win because you let me win. However, I always win whenever you always let me win. Actually stop me, and you'll win.

Remember, this is only funny because your entire side is a bunch of idiots. The moment you get one person who can do all the work of actually destroying my army, you won essentially the entire war. The whole thing essentially devolves into "I am an edgy-badass and you can't stop me motherfucker, I win everytime and piss you all off". However, you're clearly mad so to win, you gotta make it impossible to be framed as mad.

You'll never win wanting me banned. If I get banned, I'll make 5 alts with different IPs, usernames, and ways of talking. I'll then start hell through those accounts. You'll never win banning accounts who support my side that go as far as I do, they'll just make new accounts or find other ways to support me. The only ways you'll win is making me look like an idiot or ignoring it. Will any of you actually do that? Probably not, so I'll always win. I'm 5 steps ahead of you, I'll be back in a day. Bans are only good as a threat to make me remove it from SDK, in which I will then just go onto my website(s) to do it or more likely for this case, Telegram.

E. Staying Safe From Them

If they are not admins, you are already good. Just laugh at them if they try anything, they are harmless.

If they are admins, you have to be a bit more fair. Basically, follow every rule perfectly so they can not ban you. Thats partly how I survived, I made fun of them in a way that wasn't against the rules, with the exception of one time where now deceased admin Star Shadow threatened to perma-ban me over using her PFP as a meme, in which her reasoning was "using other people's images without consent" except for the fact the rule was not actually enforced until I did it in a way she did not like.

If you plan to do what I do, this is your biggest advantage by still following the rules. They'll get mad, but they can't do anything. Otherwise if you don't like being risky, just let me do all the hell-raising. I'm probably better at doing it anyways unless you wanted to start doing illegal things, in which case I am not going to support you on (i.e. doxxing).

If you would like to meme them, make the images from scratch then make things too vague to be explicitly about them at first glance, but just enough about them that they think it could be describing them and thus pisses them off. I don't do this and instead opt for just posting it outside of SDK as the admins can't ban me for non-illegal activity (and this is according to HullBreach himself having told me this is the case).

Extra Tips/Tricks

Avoid raiding the Discord. It is funny as hell, but it looks like we're trying to invade and thus puts them on alert more. Also, it might result in bans on SDK if they want to make an example out of you.

Speaking of "avoid letting them make an example out of you", lets talk about other ways to avoid that. Don't be too edgy in front of admins because they'll ruin the fun. I can actually note two people who are seemingly just banned for no reason. blueturtle/crocodile/whatever his new name is every few weeks AND VeryRichMan. bt/croc is at worst a bit annoying and while he's been starting to cause issues, I believe there isn't any valid reason to ban him. He trolled a bit, but who cares we all did that.

As for VeryRichMan, he got banned despite not even being half as edgy as every member was in 2021. He (maybe?) said a slur a few times, then cleared chat anyways so you barely could see it. He wasn't even that edgy, hell he once said "I don't jerk off to femboy porn as much as you" once as a response to me while I was trolling him for being a bit annoying. Literally least harmful mf on the site, the only fair reason is him being a 2010-kid.

If I ever get Overlord, I will probably unban him and look into why blueturtle keeps getting banned considering VeryRichMan didn't do anything near perma-ban worthy and blueturtle just makes alts anyways yet doesn't cause a big enough problem to actually try stopping him. Its bullshit, they only haven't made an example of me because they literally can't yet. The whole system is corrupt, burn it to the ground and make a new SDK era that wins against the anti-SDKers.

One last note, don't expect you can reason with these people about SDK. They'll almost never listen and it says a lot when the worst you can get me for is being a shit-talker on the internet. If thats all you got against me, then I would argue I have quite the amazing history on SDK. Also if you plan to be as terminally online as I am but wanna get admin and help the MPGA movement, I would avoid the drama purely to be liked by the admins more. I would probably be close to having admin by now had the whole drama never happened, but I'm still king of this website so I might as well call myself an unregistered admin.

Winning Against The King Of SDK

I decided to write this for those of you who are interested in defeating me. My ego is rather large, so yes I believe you can't defeat me even though I am writing an exact guide of where my empire falls short. This itself is probably worthy of another article, but lets make things more fun and make it part of the MPGA manifesto :D

PS: It's not as easy as it sounds. Remember, most of you would be screwed if I managed to get you banned from the mainsteam websites whereas I am already on websites with way less strict rules or just using my own wesbite, thus I am immune to a lot of the regular techniques you can use to get me whereas I can fight back far easier. The tables have turned, and the turns have not tabled yet.

A. Basics

First off, what are the basic bits of info you should know about the Digital Cheese empires which technically have been running since 2015 because of Miiverse, though the DC name only being made in 2019?

1. They Are Resistant
They have been made to be highly resistant to any attempts to take them down. Sure you can ban me, but you can't always ban the people who can even more easily contact them for me because they would be unbanned. I keep constant contact with many of the Venith/TDK members, thus even if I got banned from everything and the groups were left ownerless, I could get a new group started under the same or different name and I'd be back.

2. Internet Edginess
This is an important note instead of just stupid shit to be ignored because it means you can't just say I'm racist or something and get me to start agreeing with you. You might get me to call you an idiot, get me to meme you, or just ignore you, but thats it. I don't have very high-standards, they are basically just no doxxing and no beyond deniable 100% fucked up shit that would make the klan look like better people.

3. Other Stuff
Blah blah blah, I will be back we are anonymous Venith, blah blah blah hacker stuff i know your local IP which i totally couldnt guess out of a few options uwuwuwuwu.

B. How King DC Plays

I play pretty unfairly. I don't do illegal or beyond immoral things like hacking or doxxing, but I do things like get spies on certain groups of interest (unless the group is private, in which case I usually just note it as important then never check back). Due to me not being the FBI, I actually can do a good job at it or get people who do a good job for it.

Anything not illegal or highly-immoral is permissible by me. Anything from petty insults or giving people mean names in groups to more extreme things like getting an entire website organized against admins, people who actually cause problems (such as trying to commit crimes against the TDK/Venith empire), etc.

Due to us memeing each other to death then memeing everyone else as well, we're essentially the most advanced shitposter group on SDK, and I hope to one day become the most dedicated shitposter/troll online. Hell, I'm on my way by even writing this "manifesto" which I can guarantee will piss off one person and isn't already finished as of writing simply due to my desire to troll.

Getting mad is basically impossible when its all a joke or just worthy of a "bruh" in the groups. This makes us stronger :D

C. Owning Us

Considering the fact we literally have almost no way of getting mad at you and will just troll you and make you mad, how would you even defeat us?

Firstly, start by trying to find some actual shit on us then quickly make memes and spam it throughout. We'll instantly disprove false claims so don't even try, although false claims may become memes just because we like to fuck-around so be careful as we might turn it into something we actually like. Its like when people make memes hating on something only to realize the people who are being made fun of like the very thing that is for making fun of them, almost like you can enjoy things that make fun of you.

Secondly, we also win actual arguments so also don't try. I can type 20x faster than you probably can, and I can write an entire HTML page 50x faster than you can make a shitty tweet thread. The only exception to this is if I get constantly interrupted, but thats not a big deal when its night-time. Also, the only actually controversial TDK/Venith member that isn't fully anonymous would be me, the legendary DC. Essentially, have fun LOL.

Lastly, you can't actually own us. If someone manages to actually get me after the release of this manifesto, I will edit this to say I have finally be actually owned. Make one meme against me that I won't actually like and actively use to meme myself, and make it actually funny too or else you might as well not make memes. The whole point of a meme is to be funny LMAO.

D. Avoid Getting Owned

While you can't really own us, you can avoid getting owned.

Basically avoid saying dumb shit, if you want to make fun of us actually make it funny, and try to be even more ingrained into the shitposting empires than we are. My entire internet career was built off shit-talking, memes, and not giving a fuck for the most part. You're an idiot if you think you can beat that.

E. Demoralizing + Ending SDK

This is the one way to majorly affect TDK/Venith, although it may not work for long especially if or when I get a PHP hosted site up along with a TOR mirror of everything.

Demoralizing SDK:
To demoralize SDK, slowly drive them insane from your shit. Make them believe it is hopeless despite my attempts to make them think there is hope, make them all give up. You can't get me to give up easily, but you can get the other members to do so a bit more easily as they aren't addicted to it.

Ending SDK:
Begin by not using SDK at all. Let it go to shit. However, also make sure to hinder every single thing I (the legendary DC) tries to do to save it. That is the only way you'll eventually win and stop TDK/Venith from winning in SDK's revival. I will note that I would be donating to SDK if I had the ability to do so, hell I'd pay $50 monthly if I had that much money to it with. I will single-handedly be the reason this website makes a profit if I could.

As a result, you basically can't do this either. However, at some point you can drive people insane enough to quit from demoralization, which starts the end of an amazing website. SDK shall rule as long as I'm here though, so really just focus on killing my account(s) off, then go from there. If you get me to quit Paint, you probably got everyone else literally preferring to pay $50 than go back to the site.

Why is there a section about SDK in a section meant to be used to end my empires? Well, SDK is basically the majority of my empire and I've worked almost non-stop for nearly 3 years to keep it alive. It was basically dead when I joined, now its an actual community again. I will not stop to keep this site alive, but even I have my limits. My limits are just so insane it doesn't really matter in most cases lol.

F. Tips/Tricks

1. Make SDK Hell For Me
Constant bans, warnings, etc. Delete the groups though and you can expect me to start an entire war if I don't get them back from HullBreach's help.

2. Spam My Emails!
Seriously, I actually challenge you to do this because I have everything sorted by filters so its nearly impossible to get me spammed. Most of you have issues doing basic email stuff whereas I have everything sorted by folders, some tags, etc. Emails are frequently used as my main form of communication via the internet other than SDK, so it causes issues if you manage to get me.

3. Try To Get Me Banned On Other Platforms
This is pretty hard because its off-SDK and most of my platforms I use other than SDK are even less strict or so rarely used that it doesn't matter to me. However, that doesn't make it impossible. Until I am fully self-hosting everything with both TOR and I2P mirrors along with backups everywhere, I am not fully immune to cancellation techniques. It's just 20x harder to get me banned on Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe than it is to get me banned on Twitter.

4. Make An Anti-DC Group!
No one has done this seriously, let alone actually gotten anywhere with it. Despite this, I still challenge you to make an Anti-Venith/TDK or Anti Digital Cheese group in order to actually get somewhere. However, once I get a TOR website setup any sort of attempts will be worthless. In fact, I will actively link the TOR along side the clearnet on places like forums just to make a more permanent link for everyone.

5. Other Minor Annoyances
Just stuff like minor trolling, finding ways to waste my time, etc. At some point, I'll get better at detecting trolls so its also never gonna work forever. Only 1, 2, and 4 will always work. 3 is only effective as long as I rely on others who actually give much of a shit, technially 1 has a limit but SDK will likely exist for many years to come.

G. Final Thoughts

You will never win against the legendary King DC. I'm just too far advanced to lose in the end, I'm just too good after only 4.5 years of actually being an internet-shitposter to be defeated by literal normies. I would love to have one of you defeat me, but you won't win. You are physically incapable of doing so and it shows how true that will remain no matter what you try to do. Will I probably one day not be into petty internet arguments? Maybe. Will I always win one against TDK/Venith/DC haters? Hell yes.

I believe it is about time I start having actual competition, whats the point of arguing if you always win in the end anyways? Make me actually lose for once DAMN IT. Get people against the Venith empire, and get people to actually get me on something other than "he's a mean internet-shitposter :(" as it is getting boring now. Actually do something serious to win against Venith online, I dare you to do so.

If I had money to provide for this stuff, I would actually make it a competiton. $100 for the first person able to cause serious damage to the Venith empire, we're talking making it have to be regrown from the ground up type of serious. However, I can not do that as I'm broke and don't self-host most of this stuff, so if you "shut down Venith" via crazy shit like DDOSing it, you'd probably get blocked or even sued by GitHub because the main website is still hosted via GitHub.

Now that I think about it, that actually gives me a cool idea of letting people get paid for hacking Venith (and not doing anything too major like leaking private info of other people's accounts). Will actually consider it, no DDOSing isn't a flex but gaining access to the entire web-server and simply reporting it instead of destroying the whole website is impressive.

TLDR; I am immune to everything, you will never win. I am broke so can't make this a money competition, otherwise I actually would do so. Also Venith might have a bugbounty program as a result of a random thought I had, would implement once I'm not broke.

Supporting MPGA Movement


A. MPGA Logo

Make Paint Great Again Article


[FIGURE 19221]

B. Ways To Help

1. Share This Manifesto
Share this manifesto around the internet! Whether you copy/paste the HTML code above or simply share the link, you get us seen more and thus you support the MPGA movement.

2. Logo Sharing
Share "Make Paint Great Again" logo as well, because why not :D

3. Help Keep Anti-SDKers At Bay
Do a lot of my dirty work by simply messing with them for me, I will gladly hide what your username actually is normally if you want to do things anonymously. Note that doxxing will not be allowed, and if you keep causing issues we will actually publicly mock you.

4. Miscallenous
Just basic stuff like actually using SDK honestly, its not that hard. We don't have much you need to do, if you have any ideas feel free to contact me via Paint or email.

C. Extra Info/Memes

All Mods Are Bitches, AMAB, is a meme group created to make fun of admins. Make Paint Great Again is both more useful and has superceded it now anyways, so just don't use it unless you wanna make a joke (it may still be useful outside of SDK however, as its not about them specifically).

Ok Rlad I'll Change The Message #1984 #TDKW #AdminL, ORICTM1984TDKWAL, is a meme name of AMAB meant because Rlad116 banned me over the name. He actually liked the new name a bit and let it stay, so very based of him uwu.

There are no other memes as of December 7th, 2023.


We need to save the SDKCommunity, it is one of the last bastions of the old Nintendo browser websites, despite it being rather dead. It may be fucked up in many areas, but we can save it and it requires everyone to help out. This includes you, the reader, to help out. Anti-SDKers are not the only threat to Paint, but also a lack of activity on SDK. You need to help make the difference on SDK, whether you do major work like managing MPGA supporting groups or do minor work like simply sharing the manifesto.
We can change the website for the better, but it starts with doing something different and good instead of doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

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