1860 Audio Improvement Attempts

The following is my attempt to improve audio created by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville all the way back in 1860 which was restored via computers to actually be possible to listen to back in 2008. It was the oldest human voice recorded that we know of that we can actually hear, however it is still not very well.

As a result, I decided to use Audacity to try to fix the audio, albeit it did not go amazingly. I'd argue the best attempt was attempt 3 where I got most of the background noise down while making it so the voice was still easy to hear. There this wherever you want, would be cool to see people actually start trying to restore unhearable audio like this even if it doesn't go far.

Original Audio:

As seen as blatantly obvious, the original audio is not mine nor am I trying to claim ownership of it. The audio used in this video is public-domain in the United States due to it being published before January 1st, 1923. It is also public-domain in countries where the copyright expires 100 years after the author's death or fewer, so yes it is good basically everywhere.

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