March 23th, 2024 At 10:13PM

So it is becoming apparent that after group drama with yet another crocodile alt, Draconid_Jo is at a risk of being demodded. As a result, I would like to make this blog in defense of him and as a defense against all matters related to the treacherous foes of Paint and potentially DC Republic.

The first and most obvious defense for Draconid_Jo is the fact that he is not an admin with a ban-hammer nor other privileges which could even enforce a rule, he only has blogmin and pollmin. This alone should clear his name and, considering he featured a blog by another member on this website who was complaining about this very group, he should also be given credit for doing his job while also somewhat helping admins do their job without the bitching I have seen them do.

However, let's go a step further. As of this time, the group (IA) is still up. If it is such a big deal that Draconid_Jo didn't report this group because it contained the nazi-logo at the top-left of the group, why has no admin already dealt with it? They have had plenty of time to ban this group in particular, and they are clearly aware. Yet not ONE admin with powers has dealt with it.

Considering this, by their logic, if Draconid_Jo is to be at risk of demodding despite merely being a blogmin and pollmin, any admin who has seen this group with the ability to ban groups should be at such a similar risk as well. But I can guarantee you that not a single damned tyrant of them will be at risk. Therefore, I would consider this entire argument to be merely a way to demod Draconid_Jo because they do not like him.

Ironically, as I am typing this message, he already has a new account. Keep in mind that you can see damned well who is the owner of the groups. So clearly admins have been able to ban him. But lets go EVEN further, because it turns out, an admin with the ability to ban groups has already seen a group. Specifically, yaynikki, as per the screenshot below.

yaynikki [March 23, 2024 at 20:27]: You have three days to remove the sexual and Nazi imagery from your group ">>CLICK HERE FOR FREE CARACALS<<" or your account will be terminated.

Let me get this straight, you're telling me yaynikki does not know this is crococile's millionth alt? Because that would be the only explanation as to why @PecanPenguin (IA) is not banned as of this time, although even then, one could argue rules have very explicitly been broken, and ones that are provable. Both sexual imagery and nazism are blatantly in the group, yet she is just giving 3 days to remove it?

Sexual imagery rules may be argued as deserving such treatment because of not 100% clear-lines and people (such as Draconid_Jo himself) have weird, but not rule-breaking photos. However, if such a group is actually of major concern, how is there any argument as to not banning this group right off the bat? Sexual imagery and nazism in the same offense, yet only a warning, despite it being clear it is a crocodile alt.

This alone is proof to me that some of the main administrators of this website do not care about the rules, but rather enforcing their anti-Paint system. For over a year on end, crying about Paint being taken over by "evil right-wing teenagers" and I have seen plenty of proof, proof of which I can not share because of yaynikki herself barring me from doing so unless I want a ban. However, the moment someone who they don't have any particular dislike for breaks the rule, they get an easy pass.

I am not asking for there to be literally no rules, although I do think Paint would be better that way at this point. I am merely asking the rules be enforced fairly and reasonably. However, whenever admins will blatantly ignore all logic for what is basically their own agenda, but will gladly champion for my ban whenever I am not doing anything wrong along with Draconid_Jo's demodding for pretty much not doing what he technically doesn't have to do, it should not be of any surprise whenever I call bullshit like this out.

This is corruption of the SDK state, and I declare that at least 1 of the current admins are corrupt tyrants. So that brings us where we are now. For nearly 2 years, I have warned the members of this glorious community that admins are frequently corrupt and a revolution may be necessary. Many have already come to the realization, but one should know this. If you have not come to the realization now, and if we lose this war, I will be damned if the DC Republic's spirit does not rise from it's grave, and at last the world will know I was right, if not now then perhaps the future generations will.

I do not care if he is banned particularly, but rather that the rule is enforced far more fairly. This blog was written fairly within Paint rules. You do not need permission to merely mention a member in a blog, you merely need it to get the blog featured, as that is the rule set by a now deceased admin, and it is usually held up to standard.

Arguing against my point here is futile. This perhaps may have slid had it not been for the past nearly 2 year's of arguments, admins. However, within 2 years of complaining about me, in part for right-wing beliefs being actively shared here, you have no argument whenever I call you out for being stricter on me than someone who is uploading blatant nazi memes and sexual content. You lose, end of story.

For those who would like to support the movement against the admins, please see the "Make Paint Great Again" movement, for it is likely the best group we have as of now to support it. It is not per se a group, but you may make things with "Make Paint Great Again" as the title, I would recommend 2 words on the top and 2 words on the bottom of your meme image. I will end off with saying that perhaps, Paint will finally die as many have said it already has, but not because of the ones saving it, but the ones who need to prove the point that Paint is somehow dead. Or perhaps their attempts will be of no value, and we will win. Only time can tell.


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