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Ending Analog Cheese

April 11th, 2024 at 22:42

As of today, I have decided to end the Analog Cheese username, and stick purely with "Digital Cheese" from now on along with some other usernames for my empires. I no longer require tons of alt-accounts for anything, especially with the end of many services and the deletion of unnecessary accounts. I shall only go by "Digital Cheese", "SuperFireLuigi1", and variations of those names from now on, such as when I can't claim those exact usernames whether due to length or existing accounts with them.

SuperFireLuigi1 is very generic so it is not as though I am the first to think of it, nor will I be the last. I am glad to have that as one of my NNIDs though and I'm 100% serious XD. As a result, any and all accounts possible will go by "Digital Cheese" and shorter-variations unless they are very explicitly alt-accounts of mine or someone also thought of the name. There are a few reason I've decided to end the "Analog Cheese" name, and let the general public use it without it being associated with me in anyway from now on.

For one, I prefer my classical "Digital Cheese" username and always will, I only invented "Analog Cheese" as an alt-account type of thing. For second, I have started majorly cutting-down on alts unless I absolutely need them so having a username as such associated with me seems rather useless if it wont even help me out. Also, if I really need a new name, I'll just add something like "Digital Cheese 2" or something similar assuming I can't use "SuperFireLuigi1".

Xbox Live, Nintendo Network, BungieNET, Black Dragon RPG, and possibly a few other services still have accounts owned by me under "Analog Cheese" sadly, however I will be attempting to solve the issues there soon. It won't take that long I'd imagine, however the only one which can't be deleted (Nintendo Network), doesn't have online-play anymore so it's rather irrelevant as it won't affect you (and it's homebrew replacement, Pretendo Network, doesn't have an AC account).

XBL, BungieNET, and Black Dragon RPG will not have any problems in terms of solving the account name thing at least. XBL should be gone soon albeit last, BungieNET I will have to decide due to the Destiny 2 clans, but 4 on one account is plenty and i dont think id need more than 8, and even thats a stretch when i barely play the game. Black Dragon RPG has all but "digitalcheese" account to go soon for sure. I wouldn't ever need more than 100 members in that clan anyways I bet.

It is the end of "Analog Cheese" for me, basically. Fewer alts and more sanity. I'd only do something like 16-clan empires on one game if an empire grew to even be that large, but I can barely force myself to play games that could have such a large-amount. Also, because of my refusal to use Discord, I can't make the groups have one central place for talking either without issues. I could make my own IRC-webclient, but idk if anyone would use it for such games.

Honestly, I treat clans in games like Destiny 2 as just a 2nd (or sometimes 3rd) friends-list. Lets take Destiny 2 for example. XBL frens, then BungieNET frens, then clanmates. XBL allows 1000 friends, then BungieNET allows 200 friends there, and finally clanmates allow 100 frens each. However, you can have 4 clans per Bungie account if you don't do save-sync. As a result, you can actually have 400 people between everything.

This adds up to 1600 people you can add between platforms, and if you utilized all 4 platforms, you'd have to add the maximum limits of those other platforms. To put it simply, you will never use this many unless you never remove ANYONE (based) even after its been close to 20 years, or if you add literally every member who dares to breath on the game. Now do this across 4 Bungie accounts, with all platforms possible for each, 16-clans total. You can begin seeing why such a feat is rather unnecessary especially if your clan isn't some 2k+ member thing.

For mere friend activity, I only need a few clans (mass-recruits) and one normal-frenlist by this point. Even if they only allowed 100 people on XBL, BungieNET, and clans, I'd have 300 slots to my advantage. 300 is absolutely possible to reach if you're VERY active on the game, but it's still likely to never be necessary for you if you're not adding tons of people and just stick to a small group. I wouldn't get rid of RSG, GSG, BSG, or OSG on Destiny 2, but I don't need even 8 clans, let alone 16 like I originally wanted.

All of this is being done in order to reduce what I'd need online. Basically, I am going back to my internet roots and regaining some bit of online sanity. If I ever need more than 4 clans on Destiny 2, I'll ask frens to make them. If I need this or that, I'll get this or that eventually or figure out something better yknow? I don't have much else to say here, the end of Analog Cheese is now however. If the name appears from now on (and the account is newer than this post), it is not me in anyway.
Since some accounts still can't be changed or deleted as "Analog Cheese", email me if you need clarification on whether an account is mine or not.


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