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March 14th, 2024 at 6:36PM

I have decided to write short posts and even full-essays via Chrome tabs because my school sucks. The essay below is about PowerUp or whatever the damned application is called, which is just yet another example of why technological developments are starting to become problematic to me.
Firstly, this essay is being written through the Google Chrome tabs because right now there is no way to do it otherwise. However, I must say that "FC" might actually be right about technology. I know this is petty, but come on why aren't we even allowed to read a book when there is no work to do? I don't care about "le gaining skills" as PowerUp is purely busy-work, if that. I'll just force my way through everything and not care.

So that begs the question, why do PowerUp? I am unsure, I believe it is purely being done for no reason. Its also, as expected, literal normie-tier soydevism. All my life getting told not to use technology all the time, to read books, and more, often by the same school system now forcing this BS. I do wonder if there's a religious exception for technology, because at this point I am seriously considering it. I unironically believe technology shouldn't be used in school outside of computer related classes, because otherwise it can all be done via paper and books.

I don't even think they save money because many of the Chromebooks will get destroyed and they'll have to order new ones, so what's even the point of this? 30 total textbooks would be far more usable on paper than any of this and cheaper. 30 textbooks for each class, reusable and would just stay at school. I would type this through Gmail client, but I don't even think I can do that right now so that's sucks.

I would love to never need these chromebooks again. Guess I'm gonna have to see if there's religious exceptions because if there is, I will consider it. If not, then whatever. I will still consider not doing a damned thing like I am doing right now. PowerUp doesn't increase your grade either to my knowledge, so it's also pointless there. Busy-work, except not while there's good reasoning. I propose we get rid of computers entirely in this school when not for a computer related class. Whatever, this school sucks and so do most modern systems.

Whenever a few sites I like finally also die out, I unironically might just not use technology ever again. Or if I do, it'll be so rare I might as well sell most of it. It's not even worth it on your own time if you're not forced to use it for 99% of people, it's less worth it when you're forced to use it and don't make money off it. Also as of writing, two people came around looking to see if we were on it and now its in English I too for some reason. I think I'll justify writing a 50,000 word book by pencil within a week before I justify PowerUp.
Now since I am home and writing this on my website now, I will actually expand my thinking a little bit since it was poorly written out of annoyance, despite being true.

1. I haven't been able to get a copy of "Technological Slavery" or "Anti-Tech Revolution" by FC aka Unabomber, but it's very likely correct simply because it is likely common-sense. Seriously, why would we have as much modern technology? Yes I'm typing on a laptop right now, but you have to admit it is very convenient. And even then, I try to use older technology wherever possible.
2. PowerUp is gay because it's being forced and it is soydevism. Also turns out, headphones might be needed too, in order to use it, which pisses me off even more. Just let me read my Berlitz Method French book for fucks sake.
3. Textbooks can be more expensive in the short-term, but I believe they last longer in the long-term unless you're changing what is learned or how it's learned every few years, which they probably are. Computers should only be used when it actually make sense such as technology related classes, otherwise learning doesn't even require a computer at school. If I'm just gonna be forced to Google things online to learn, why am I going? Well that's obvious, the system wants to waste your time. I don't think it's even school-staff for the most part because many of them don't like it themselves, but are highly-encouraged or forced to do it.
4. Yes, I will seriously consider never touching a laptop again assuming I'm rich enough and can do it all by paper. However on the other hand, I do code a lot and I enjoy the convenience of the internet. But yes, if everything I like about this stuff dies out, I'm out and won't return. By then I'd probably have the ability to just mail or talk face-to-face with people who I care about, and I'd not benefit from technology anymore as I'd no longer manage websites nor consoom. In fact, I could even stop using the internet. Electricity maybe too, but I like air-conditioning so unless it's colder even during summer, hell no.
5. As for 50k word books, I did the math (based off average adult writing speed, allegedly anyways). 40*60*8=19,200 words in a 8 hour writing session, do that for 3 days and you have over 57k words, so it's very possible. Writing a good novel is a different story.

I don't have much to say other than the fact that boomers really are starting to seem right about technology, even if most of them do the same things except with TV instead of the internet. I'm not gonna pretend that certain things aren't either amazing (such as major improvements in medicine or the internet when used by non-normies), but I can't pretend it's good either in the end. I don't think you can just "balance it out", because even if you use it shortly, you'll only benefit from it if you're trying to get normies to see you.

If you're not there to advertise to normies, you have no purpose to social-media. If you don't want the effort of a website, you don't have a reason to create one. If you don't even put use into email and forums (or smaller sites like 3DSPaint), just don't join to begin with unless you have a really good reason. I use a lot of these things (websites, emails, forums, 3DSPaint, etc), but many of these sites could die out still and I wouldn't notice for a while. Only noticable things would be websites, emails, and 3DSPaint (along with a few other smaller sites).

Touch grass basically, I already did so myself. I just like larping as a retard on the internet.


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