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Feburary 13th, 2024 at 11:45AM


Firstly, this is the first post of the new year and its already Feburary wow. I have begun trying to cut down on HTML used along with link sizes, as to make things take less storage or be more easily linkable. HTML is simpler, id links are shorter, etc. It is all meant to make things easily referencable basically. This status post is to explain what I intend for v13 since I have decided against PHP for a little while longer.

However, before that I would like to explain where this madness began. It started with first wanting to get my site work on legacy devices, unsure why it wouldn't go well. Firstly viewports, then shitty design, and finally forced-HTTPS overtime I narrowed down as the perpetrators of a website not loading well on older devices. SoulDJ673 is linked above because one of his posts was relevant and it was also part of why I started to want to optimize my site. It impressed me he got it working in browsers as old as Netsurf and having once mentioned on 3DSPaint (before he deleted his account) that he also had it working on DSi, before the whole forcing HTTPS on his website.

Now as to the main topic of this post, how I am going to do this. Firstly, even more simple HTML. The layout will remain the same, but it will be even more simple as to make it easier to be optimized. You wouldn't see this unless you look via inspect element, so just ignore this. However, it should load faster and it will affect ID links as they will be shorter from now on. It will be like the article's ID systems, except done this way everywhere.

Secondly, this website will look cooler. Just minor things to make it cooler, maybe minor animations that won't slow down the website. It'll be nice, also the galleries will be bigger and better overtime. Sorted by year, then month. Theres way too much to load on a grouped-basis I believe, especially once I start adding all the ZIPs, videos, etc. Even when split that is too, it just doesn't work. I do want to retain a YouTube like system, but I think I'll just wait until I have PHP support here for that.

Lastly, this website will start having actually useful or entertaining stuff here. Rather than mass-image dump and leave, it'll have stories and archives and much more. I say this for months, but I'm finally actually doing it. And yes, it'll have comments if or when PHP is supported, but until then, just email me I don't have much else to say, so thanks for reading lol, website will be much more fun soon.


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