New Status System + Writing In School Currently

December 4th, 2023 at 8:41AM

I am currently writing this status update in school, I have finally managed to create the new status system (aka I procrastinated on it until I shouldn't be working on it and instead be doing an assignment I am likely behind on). I am very happy about this information.

I have been finishing up v12 in many parts, I believe v13 will start work in 2024 due to the fact that this is good for now. Old statuses will probably be moved to an index.html page on the folder of the statuses as to make it so links will be something like /2023/ instead of /2023.html or /2023/index.html (this is hosted on github so that should work). "Old" is anything from previous years. In 2024, the current index will be moved into sort of its own little archive area and i'll just link legacy statuses as "old".

If you have visited the DC video site, you will probably have noticed that the videos sort of have their own unique way of doing things. Basically, it has a thumbnail, title, and description + clicking it links you to the video. I am thinking of something similar here, but I believe it would be unnecessary for statuses so I will have to see.

The music, project, and uwu.digitalcheese.xyz sites will be up soon. uwu will be hidden but i'll make it fun :3
I may create a books.digitalcheese.xyz and a games.digitalcheese.xyz eventually, but we will see and for the games I will likely just put it on projects.digitalcheese.xyz for convenience's sake.

Either way, thanks for reading the status post I shouldn't be writing because I should be doing my school work right now. All old statuses will be ported, and some things that aren't technically statuses or regular blog posts will still probably be ported anyways if I believe it made more sense here than as a "blog post" or if the system just didn't exist and it wasn't called that then, but it also isn't an article. Whatever gg wellplayed im out.


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