Two Years Of DC-Blog

December 30th, 2023 at 11:46AM

Happy two years of dc-blog! On December 30th, 2021, I created my Neocities site. I had another one called InternetLand that wasn't going anywhere (but would be the original idea for Venith). Little did I know what this site would become within only two years. Its actually pretty amazing to me in all honesty.

Between the creation of this website and now, we have went from yet another shitty Neocities site to arguably the best personal (non-game or non-PC exclusive) site around that started on Neocities. Even during its failing redesign, its doing quite good for itself. In 2024, I suspect the use of PHP and MySQL will greatly increase the quality.

To put things simply, 2024 will be amazing for this site this year especially after I finish all of the archival stuff I havent't gotten around to. I will try to see if I can automate certain things in order to make my life easier, its annoying having to mass-update everything on HTML or use JS and just hope it works (which it often doesn't on older browsers).

I am still thinking of many ideas on how to go from here, mainly because there is a limit on what I can do. I might redesign the entire website layout because while it is cool, it is heavily chaotic and needs some major fixing. Mostly in terms of how much useless/duplicate CSS there is and the fact that it still looks weird on DSi/Wii.

I want my links to be small, thus they will remain short. /w/?a=title short, something that might fit in a 3DS/Wii U status if I got a short domain. I will note there will be 3-lettered long comments linkable via /c/?id=comment, they only need to be 3 characters long because it is 3^36 so if I ever needed more space, I will simply add 2 more characters and make it use uppercase as well in order to be 5^62 power.

There is quite a lot of work to do, but I suspect these changes will make the website far better. I will also create a TOR/I2P link sometime in 2024 so that way, the website is accessible even if the domain is banned. We aren't actually that controversial, but just in case it ever happens. I may try to get another domain in this event so it can remain on the clearnet no matter what.

Will say that in 2024, I will quit basically every mainstream social-media site. Twitter I will delete when I can, YouTube I'll delete a while after my 5th anniversary (which I will post about here), Telegram is going one day, etc. I will likely also get rid of my Odysee account, maybe even Rumble. TruthSocial banned me so I won't have to do anything there, as for Reddit I literally can't delete it because I created with a Google account without later adding a password (and the email assigned I don't have anymore), but I will lose access after deleting my Google account and most of my posts are gone anyways.

This will pretty much mean I will be active here, on 3DSPaint, SpaceHey, Agora Road, XMPP/Email, Steam, and maybe some forums I like using. I probably won't quit Ryona Agency, though thats the only micro-blog site I'm on after Bwitter.ME shutdown and Blips.Club I quit after not wanting to essentially use Twitter but shittier (as I have my website and it didn't even allow 280 characters when I quit, barely a reply system that was good, in fact).

DeviantArt is basically the only thing I'm keeping thats mainstream for now, and thats purely to troll. Its filled with actual 10-11 year olds you can troll, and its way funner when you troll them after they come to you to complain than me having to seek out a soytuber in order to maybe troll them (aka get fucked in comments by the 300 10-12 year olds). Now if DA weren't fun to troll on, I'd probably delete the account there too because it takes forever to actually find good art there compared to some other places.

I will likely just mass-remake everything at this point. Website? Full redesign. 3DSPaint profile? Full redesign. SpaceHey profile? Full redesign. You get the point, I probably don't have to say it 500 times. I'll try to make my SpaceHey profile have some of my own custom music that will be embeded, I can play piano and thus can probably make something half-decent on SpaceHey for music. It will have plenty of custom HTML, but I will also try to maintain readability. SpaceHey I don't have to care about the mobile users too much with, but still.

Don't have much else to say, thanks for reading! Hope you are looking forward to more updates in 2024. Also holy hell I think I seriously need PHP just so i dont have to update a footer on every goddamn page.


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