v13 Soon + 500 SDK Blogs

December 12th, 2023 at 9:09AM

I have recently decided that v12 of dc-blog is fully finished, I'm pretty glad it is all over considering it's development time was forever. I've also begun work on v13, which will be fully self-hosted by me and will use PHP. There will also be both TOR and I2P mirrors of this website and the footer will be similar to the one at the main website.

Everything being self-hosted along with me only requiring one website domain for all this will mean that I won't require duplicated files, thus saving bandwidth. I also might not even need a lot of bandwidth if I use AV1 WEBM videos with pure HTML/CSS, my website doesn't require any JS to function and the two actually used lines (that i could just use CSS for anyways) is purely there and done that way because I found it better with some JS.

With proper CSS use, i could easily make the same function used with the JS but without it which would be nice, and probably easy. As long as it works on DSi, it is good for me. DigitalCheeseXYZ will not force HTTPS anywhere, but you will be advised to enable HTTPS if you are on the HTTP link (i'm sure I could check via PHP). HTTP being allowed instead of forcing HTTPS means all DSi/Wii users will be able to visit the website, also yes my website will work fine on terminal browsers.

There will be a similar redesign for Venith, though the dc-blog site will be redesigned first in order to mess around with things to see if they work before trying it with Venith. Venith will likely have email services, forums, etc soon. Any and all spammers caught will be banned, in theory we can read anything yes but if u use PGP-encryption then we can't read it. I'll allow you to use any client, encryption system, etc. Plus, idk what we'd even gain from selling info like other companies because people who would use our services are serious about their privacy.

As for 3DSPaint, yes I am close to 500 blogs. I have around 402 as of now I believe, maybe a bit more. If I posted 10 daily until 2024, I would have another 190 more blogs so this will be easy. In 2024, I will simply publish 2-3 blogs daily instead of randomly spamming them a ton like I have done in the past. Spamming 500 blogs right before the end of the year is basically spam, making 2-3 daily that I will submit and maybe even get featured is not spam.

Rest assured though, 2024 will be the year of the gold star author badge. We will be true based sdkvenithpilled 3DSPaint users. I will be king of the 3DSPaint badges, I'm pretty sure I've already posted more blogs than HullBreach because I have like 17 pages of blogs total (0-16 due to how HullBreach did the paging).

I don't have much else to say except to expect all the old now broken .html pages to work again in v13 via dc-blog redirects, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this status post!


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