It Dark Out Here

November 7th, 2023 at 10:05PM

Damn it's already November 2023 I see. Could've swore it was just like 2023 or something idk I can't keep track of time.

So now what? Well its dark at only around 5:30pm now so thats strange to think about. Way more used to it taking until 7-8:30pm to get dark LMAO. Also, soon Thanksgiving break is happening so I'll have a full week off school (not next week, but the week after that). Very nice, will give me more time to actually do stuff for the website.

LBRY has been getting completely fucked as of recently, yes Odysee and the LBRY network will technically live, but we're gonna now have to see if the users are dedicated to the idea or just wanting easy money from crypto (or if they're only dedicated to LBRY instead of something like Peertube due to how much more used it is). If the people are actually dedicated, I will likely also keep using Odysee/LBRY because I do kinda like it. However, if thats not the case, I will move to Rumble and make my own video site (maybe even my own system for it, if possible I'd make it like PeerTube but much more simple to reduce loading times even more, otherwise its just plain HTML with a .MP4 video on it).

I do want to note one interesting thing I found whenever I googled the LBRY post to find it because, as always, you can search up anything and you'll find an article about how evil and racist that thing is. Doesn't matter if it obviously isn't, some dumbass will make it. Found it via MSN being shown on DuckDuckGo results (which has a completely shit layout, not even dark-reader can make the dark-mode work here). The actual original article according to MSN is here though (archive).

Would love to see anyone actually win against "evil bigoted extremeists" or whatever the hell (aka, consoom on our probably government approved websites is what it devolves into), half the time you can't get shit on people because they either know how to hide themselves well or just don't care if you have the information anyways so you lose by default. It also seems funny to me that there's people who take these idiots seriously. Here's something else I'll note:

"Squire's team collected publicly posted information from 165 extremist channels from April 24, 2021, to Aug. 31 of this year. The researchers concluded 113 of the channels received at least one Hyperchat donation and calculated that, combined, the channels raised $336,000 on the platform."

The numbers sound like a lot right? 165 channels (only 113 receiving donations), 2 years, and big scary number of $336,000. Sounds scary, but lets do the math. 336,000 divided by 113 is less than $3000 between all the channels. $3000 is a lot, but if you need 113 channels (and if these are all unique people per channel), you won't get too far. Sure they can work together, but Odysee isn't gonna be good enough to go anywhere, hell you'd make more working at McDonalds. Even if a channel made more vs others who made less, they'd have to make a shit-ton more than $336,000 total to actually start causing issues.

LBC is practically worthless for this stuff considering LBC is worth next to nothing right now. As of me writing this, it is worth $0.004724. Whenever I first had Odysee, 1 LBC credit was only around 3 cents. LBC is worthless especially now, the donations would have to either be another Crypto that isn't Odysee related or USD to actually go anywhere. LBC is essentially worthless for donations now, so have fun LOL. Unless they go up in value soon (whicht hey probably won't), good luck justifying shit. Even in 2021-2022, LBC wasn't worth enough to mean anything.

As said before, its either other crypto that isn't LBRY related or its actual USD that would have to be used, and I highly doubt 3k between 113 channels is enough for much of anything, let alone anything extreme. It might be another to make a few hundred sites, but then you actually have to know how to make a website or pay someone to do it for you. If you know how to make your own website, you've already won (especially if you can make a TOR mirror of it too, in which case you win automatically).

Going onto other shit now so its not just a rant about idiots, lets talk about 3DSPaint.

I haven't been as active as I probably should be as of recently XD, mostly because of school and Venith though. I always have it open in another tab whenever I'm on my PC, but I need to start using it more from there. Perhaps I will start actually dropping blogs there again soon? If I want 500 before 2024, I will need to start mass posting though. As of now, I have 328 blogs. To get to 500 before the end of 2023, I will need to post 172 blogs within 55 days, so over 3 daily (plus today is almost over). If I mass-released blogs daily, I could easily get there. I need to wait before I even try to archive it though because I am already behind so I'd rather just catch up at the beginning of 2024.

I'll have 500 before the end of 2024 if I do it like that. If or when I reach 1,000 blogs, I would prefer to start focusing a hell of a lot more on the quality of blogs, and first before continuing after 500, I will make the archive sub-site for the dc-blog section so I can put everything there. Perhaps I will even make a comment section archive of some of the pages, no PFPs but there will be the original username + threads and a way to link them all. Might even enhance the blogs to have a way to link certain parts via ID links, something i think would be very necessary to make them just as good if not better than the 3DSPaint version.

If I weren't in high-school right now, I'd absolutely be getting things done faster as nearly half of the day is wasted on school now, but whatever we will make it through this. I stay up until around 11PM usually, meaning I can almost always have time to do stuff. I try to get up at 4am, I fail basically everytime and end up falling back asleep because I'm too tired to do shit in the morning that would be necessary for 500+ blogs before 2024, but whatever. I will attempt to do it, but if I don't get it before 2024 then I will absolutely have it before my 3rd year on Paint.

As for why I'm not writing this on 3DSPaint, I honestly don't know but then again thats kinda the point of having a custom status page on your own website. That and I can say whatever I want without having to actually follow non-BS rules (no rules, only laws if I ever self-host) LOL. If I ever start self-hosting, you'll be able to read all my shitty 3DSPaint blogs via TOR and maybe even I2P as well so yay.

One more thing before I end off this blog, I will try to start growing DCE and TDK even more on Paint, though we're starting to reach the limit of being able to just invite people randomly and get members. We're gonna need a hell of a lot more effor than whats currently done and even whats been done in the past to get people onto the website, if you have any ideas or want to join, please do. Message me (DCTheGamr) if you wanna join DCE, thanks lol. My profile is private, but you can just @ me on your profile and then I'll see it very quick, I'm terminally on Paint after-all. Thanks for reading, I'm ending this off for now. I will probably make more status posts soon though.

11/7/2023 10:09PM Edit: *329 blogs. I miss counted lol. If we do 171/55, we still get over 3 per day though. So it doesn't change much until I start mass posting more.


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