Arch Linux Installation + Planned Updates

October 30th, 2023 at 8:40PM

Yes, I installed Arch Linux. I don't have a desktop-environment setup yet, but I will be doing that soon. It boots, it works, I'm happy :D

Ok now for the actually important updates, what will I do once I get the domain I want? Well (example.com won't be the domain), lets read below. Very nice updates, i can't wait already lol and I only now have just started thinking of this stuff. Videos/Music, Projects, and maybe Articles/Status pages will all work on DSi for damn sure. They'll be hosted on GitHub (except maybe articles/statuses) which means I'll be able to stop forcing HTTPS, which means it'll work on DSi. On DSi for some reason, it normally denies current certificates but for GitHub/Neocities specifically, it just doesn't load at all when you force it. Neocities doesn't allow disabling it, GitHub does though. Could use GitLab/Codeberg too, idk.

Main page will stay on Neocities either forever or until I can self-host the website. If I can self-host the website, no shit I'm moving it out of here. Backend is a hell of a lot more useful than pure-frontend even if it can get you pretty far nowadays too. I would love a PHP comment section on my website, but I probably won't have that for a few years. Even if I can self-host, I will wait until I can both do Venith and Digital Cheese stuff at once on servers because I don't have infinite resources to work with here (albeit, I have quite a lot I can use due to wasting too much time online).


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