The First New Entry

October 26th, 2023 at 10:41PM

Hello everyone, I have decided to clear the status list. Idk where I'm gonna put the old ones, but the entire page is archived on my Venith GIT instance if you want to download it and read the old ones yourself. I'll add them back if or when I can figure out how to optimize this more efficiently. Until then, this is what you'll just have to read from now on. I will try to get an RSS sync working at least. Also, I will be getting a new domain soon so yay!

I will note some other stuff. First of all, I have redesigned the website yet again for v12. It is not all the way done yet, but it is kinda like the old system but improved upon. I'm thinking of making some more changes to make it a mix between a modern website and an old-school website which is what I've always wanted for this site. It will never have endless amounts of JavaScript, and this site will always load fine without it. The only essential feature that won't work is the nav-bar for now. I do want a non-details element spoiler soon though even if it may require basic JS if it means that I can get rid of all the details elements.

Reason I may want this in the future is for DSi/Wii compatibility if or when I leave Neocities. I will only leave Neocities for dc-blog whenever I can self-host all this stuff, but I do believe it is inevitable. Soon? Hell no, likely years in the future and I may keep a Neocities website for fun anyways. One day? Absolutely, aka whenever I can have my own PHP server and host things from there. But that is far away so that won't be an issue for a long time.

On some other stuff I changed about this website though, I shortened the pages even further down. No more blogs pages as they were fucked anyways, no more useless folders (only a media folder now in fact), no more Text.html even! I'm reducing things further wherever possible though. I only have like 4-5 pages currently, one is just the not_found.html page though so I wouldn't count it. Also, every page from now on will just use lowercase lettering. No more /Archive.html and /Archive/, it is gonna be just /archive.html soon. This is partly due to convenience, partly due to other reasons.

I will start using GitHub more for some things once I get a new domain for the Digital Cheese name though. I'm gonna do this so that way I can actually expand the name in a way that won't always have to rely on venith.net whenever its stupid (such as making a sub-sub domain for videos not for Venith/TDK called videos.dc.venith.net). Basically domains are hard.

As for non-Digital Cheese stuff, I've been working on Venith and The Destruction Kingdom a decent bit. The Guilded ban that happened really hit TDK hard as that was TDK's main platform basically the moment Discord banned me. At least we have the website with the domain now, but it is still annoying. Wish I didn't get banned from Guilded.

There is Telegram for now yes, but if I ever get Telegram banned then I will just have to resort to email only as a way of contact. Due to me having a dc@tfwno.gf email though, I can also technically use XMPP. However, I do not intend to use that as of now because honestly I just don't want to as of now. XMPP is cool, but email is the most reasonable way of contact with anyone and whenever you send messages, you'll receive them even when you're not on your computer.

Also, 25MB attachments for both send and receive, if things go well though I'll make a Venith email service that allows 100MB send/receive for free (for venith.net emails of course, I will warn if possible for other domains when sending large attachments like that and recommend POP3 usage as I will have to limit your storage, theres no such thing as unlimited storage and even big companies are starting to realize its unrealistic now even though storage is getting cheaper). As to how I'll kick start a service with a higher attackment limit for emails than competitors already, I'll probably find a way to get a few 20TB hard-drives for storage.

I checked the prices of them, they are around $300 for 20TB yet 5TB drives are around $100-$110. Obviously both are expensive, but 20TB is more storage for less of a price for the HDD to store all these emails and shit. Bandwidth will be another issue, I will have to find a way to keep this server up 24/7 otherwise there will be major issues for users. However, once I figure that out then I'll launch a beta of the service as private and go from there most likely.

Me, MattTheTekie, and some other friends will be beta-testers for a service this extreme to start with. Every current member of the VenithNET email service will be able to invite friends by simply emailing me a request to do so and giving stuff like a pre-existing website or forum account they have if I don't already know them (except MattTheTekie who will be able to generate infinite invites whenever i get the system setup due to his major work in both TDK and Venith). I might make an overall Venith account system for every service, but you'll be able to put individual passwords for each profile so while they can be all linked, one account getting hacked won't fuck everything over if you set it up that way.

Idk, just kinda thinking of cool ideas. I also wanna be careful because I don't want to become like the big-corporations that Venith is supposed to be fighting against. Though you'll be able to download your data once we get the system setup, it'll be convenient and actually private, etc. We'll be as clear as possible, and yes while in theory I could read emails and stuff, there are ways to stop me from doing so. Use POP3 to download all emails to your computer and auto-delete them from the system. On top of that, use PGP-encryption which even fucking Google can't break. Whatever tho XD, I'm tired and I have school tomorrow so yea gn thanks for reading.


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