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Feburary 13th, 2024 At 1:58PM

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Paper and coin money is better than digital money and it always will be so long as the system is corrupt.


While this seems like it would be obvious, apparently it isn't obvious that digital money is far worse than physical money. Seriously, the fact this may even have to be explained to someone is pretty insane to me. But for those who need to be told, yes, paper money is better than digital money in every way possible. Even Monero crypto, which is arguably the only half-decent crypto/digital money, is still not as good as cash will ever be.

I could probably go on for forever about why cash is truly superior to digital money, but I will try to keep things sane here. For those too lazy to read beyond this point:

Cash is far harder to control unlike digital money and thus is more free. Also, it doesn't require technology to exchange between each other, which makes it more convenient for basic and advanced usage unless we're talking extreme amounts (such as several million).

Of course, there are more reasons paper money is better than digital money, hence this article. Otherwise I'd just publish this as a tweet or 3DSPaint blog, rather than actually trying to make an argument.

Digital's Issues

While digital may be convenient, it has a lot of general issues. I'd argue trusting anyone with most or all of your money is a terrible idea, it's why I try to get cash whenever possible and minimize usage of digital money such as CashApp, Monero, etc.

A. PayPal, CashApp, etc.

PayPal, CashApp, and many other services could theoretically disable your account at anytime or hold your money for a while. Either by their own will, or via government orders. Either way, that alone is a pretty good reason not to trust them. Also, the money can be easily tracked by the government or the company in question, even if it is a smaller amount (such as $5 to get some candy at a Walmart).

Also, because it is tracked by the government, it can be taxed too. This is also another issue of digital money, if you don't like taxes. Obviously I'm not going to teach you to evade your taxes as that is illegal, but if a government wanted to, they could also tax simply giving money to your friends or family to help out. They probably already do that in some places.

The ability to be taxed and tracked more easily is why any country would want digital money for any reason other than extreme convenience, although more so the government than the citizens who just want convenience.

B. BitCoin, Monero, Other Crypto

Bitcoin has basically every transacation available to be seen in theory, Monero probably isn't much better if not careful. Also, you can't convert into your countries currency (USD, CAD, EURO, etc) without having to give a shit-ton of info to most exchanges, but you could buy stuff with it via dark-markets.

Crypto also isn't very stable, I see it more as something you buy when its cheap (such as BTC being previously $600 USD per coin at one point in 2023), then sell it when its worth a lot (such as its current price of over $45,000 USD as of writing). However, sometimes this could be a benefit if you play your cards right. You can mine BTC, XMR, etc, but that can take a long time. BTC has entire mining rigs now, XMR doesn't need that supposedly, but it still can take months.

Paper Advantages

Less taxes sometimes applies, but there is also some other advantages that paper/coin money has.

A. Less Trackable

Paper money is far less trackable than digital money. It's only trackable if you spend it on something that the government can prove you bought (such as cars) rather than purely stuff like food and even a lot of technology you can get without being tracked. Very convenient, also the government can't track you letting your friends borrow it, and thus all the money is either untaxed or is far less taxed.

B. Harder To Steal

It is far harder to steal I would argue. If the government or company decides to, they can take it all instantly, which is easier because they don't have to carry it all. Physical money has to be found, then taken, which is much easier to mitigate if you know what you're doing. In some cases, regular criminals also have a harder time because they may only be able to steal smaller amounts from you rather than all of your money.

C. Multiple Currencies In 1 Wallet

Some wallets have multiple cash slots, such as one of mine. This is very useful because you can store 2 currency types instead of one. For example, one cash slot could have US dollars while another could have Canadian dollars. Very convenient for some people, because they can have both. They could also just use it to store more money if they wanted too though. It may seem stupid, but yes I am the type of person to want to carry two types of currencies with me (if I ever get Canadian dollars and have any reasonable usage for them, I do so).

D. Its Fun To Hold Lol

Its fun to hold 6 million shekels in my hand and I can't deny it. Much funner than swiping a card, even on the first time you do that, let alone the millionth time of digital money. Its just so nice holding a dollar bill in my hands, even if it can't buy much now. This alone will make me always prefer physical currency, even if digital were made better. Also, no computer required to hold/transact it so yey.

How 2 Use

This is a guide on how to use paper money, for those wanting to switch over from digital to physical (yes its a meme guide idc).

1. Get Your Dollars (USD, CAD, etc)
2. Go To Other Person With Guds
3. Give Ur Dollars
4. Get Your Guds
5. Yay Cash Transaction Ez

Very easy, and better than digital money ever could provide. No apps, no devices, nothing required uWu.


Cash is simply superior, there is no way I think I could debate it. Yes, digital money is more convenient, but cash can't be taken away from you and thus it is better. Also, less taxed in many cases + no technology is required, and most countries such as the US and Canada still support it, so its still viable for a long while. Even countries going cashless still support it, just far less than before and they're limiting maximum legal cash transactions.
"WAAAAAAAAH YOU HAVE A MONERO/XMR ADDRESS ON YOUR ARTICLE FOOTERS" yea because its convenient, if it were actually reasonable I'd just put a Post Office box where you can send me money (I'd prefer USD or Canadian dollars, but I'd take euros and other forms of shekels). Not to mention, I almost never use it and use cash wherever possible.

XMR: 442aR1B8F7QPK6eH1cb5en6VBYc1Ve193NrMVXEX6qe7ALdKQVUBLH6WpMXoVGXnjD6wdtpp5JoeU5Ee31owkFPd9gVHRcA

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