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Frequently Used Technology

May 25th, 2024 At 22:34

The most frequently used devices and software that are used by me.



This article is likely to be subject to frequent change. Also, it is only a note of what technology I *frequently* use, not all of my technology as said in the title. I am slimming down my technological use as of writing this part, so this list might actually shorten in the future. Due to the fact that this is a list of frequently used technology only, it will mainly include things that I run on my computer along with whatever other few devices I consider usage to be active enough on to justify noting here.


As of now, I use 3 devices frequently. Although I occasionally use a Nintendo DS as well, there isn't much to note there due to the fact I don't play online with it and rarely run anything important on it.

A. Toshiba Satellite C55-A

This is my main laptop as of now. It would be my 2019 Acer gaming laptop, however that one has a TERRIBLE battery life even when you do everything you can to improve it. Even back when I initially got it, I could only go maybe 3 hours at best without a charge whereas on this laptop I can go like 12 hours.

B. Blackberry Torch 9860

This is my only actually working mobile device, however it doesn't even have a SIM card in it. I occasionally take photos on it, but lack a way to transfer them off my device and I've had other issues in general even when saved to a microSD card. Though it's still overall pretty fun to use, mainly to mess around with. Occasionally I still get use out of the browser on 3DSPaint, but that's about it. It only supports 4G and below, and unlike the 9810, lacks the cool physical-keyboard so it's still not perfect, but it works. If you can still get 4G where you live, as I believe I can, then you might actually be able to use this phone normally, but otherwise I'd stick to a modern-smartphone if you needed any phone at all.

C. Nintendo Wii U

This device has been used frequently in the past few months. And don't even get me started on my browser time here, I have over 1.1k hours here and I don't even use it as much as my regular browser on the Toshiba laptop. Its over a longer period of time, but that's still an insane amount of hours to put into one piece of software yknow? Even if there's a lot of idling.


A. Operating System

Arch Linux - Yes, I'm an Arch Linux meme-user. It's actually a pretty decent operating system especially when you have no life like I do. I've considered doing a dual-Gentoo+TempleOS installation in the future, but for now I've settled with Arch. It works mostly how I want to, other than me having trouble with audio-features as of now. However, no audio-system kinda made it so I didn't have music blasting into my headphones 24/7, so hey good for it. I guess "blasting" isn't the correct word, since it was always very low-audio settings, but still.

B. Web Browsers

I have several web-browsers I frequently use, but only 2 of them are VERY consistently used.

1. Terminal

XLinks - This is my terminal browser of choice. It happens to also be the only terminal browser I have. I actually like it a lot, however terminal browsers are basically unusable for the modern web. I also can't login to 3DSPaint, which is essentially the main website I have an addiction to, so it's pretty much out for me as of now. However, if I either figure out 3DSPaint, or, I one day end up only using websites which don't require JS to login or anything, then perhaps I will actually use a terminal browser exclusively.

2. Regular

Firefox Developer Edition - I use it with the Narsil user.js + some changes, no not the arkenfox JS. I highly recommend it if you require a modern browser to run whatever. If you need some good extensions, you should read this article I wrote which contains my favorite of the Firefox extensions. WebScrapBook and uMatrix are some good examples of them.

TOR Browser - Only use it to access dark webz, otherwise this browser is MID. Using uMatrix to disable JS, XHR, frames, and other should do the trick. If not, disable videos (and if reasonable, cookies) as well. Thats far more secure than TOR browser in terms of what it runs, it's only not hiding your IP address or letting you access TOR sites. I still recommend TOR though due to several reasonings, such as it being impossible to take TOR down as long as there's enough people using it, which there is compared to alternative services (although there's plenty on them as well).

Wii U Browser - Yes, I use this browser frequently. It's actually a decent browser and many websites may still work fine, despite being 12 years old, simply by switching your User Agent to Android, which is very easy to do. It's meant as a developer-tool yes, but it's usable to get around certain things too. This browser is also good if you just need to test if you've gone too far with the soydevism, yet aren't also trying to make your website accessible without HTTPS.

Blackberry Torch 9860 Browser - At this point, it only loads HTTP, but it's still an ok browser. Harder to use, but still justifiable for some. 3DSPaint will be the main website you'll be able to use on this thing along with maybe Jul.

C. Document Editors+Readers

Vim - This is my default text editor, in fact, if I didn't have an obsession with properly formatting documents, it would be my only text editor on Arch Linux. It works for most things you'd need out of it, so I'd highly recommend that you use it whenever you can. It is a terminal editor yes, but it's still decent. My only issue as of now is my inability to copy/paste text, however that's likely just an issue due to how bad I am with the software despite desperately wanting to use it over something like Notepad++.

LibreOffice - While I only have it because I like formatting the occasional PDF I actually make, it's still a very good thing overall to have. Not to mention, it's free unlike alternatives such as Microsoft Office. It runs everything that I'd currently need it for, however I do wish I could figure out how to make more custom headers+footers for pages along with figure out how PDFs have seperate numbering (such as with roman numerals AND regular numbers yknow?). Very good though, one of the best text editors I could recommend for someone who refuses terminal and easily the best document editor.

Note: As of now, I lack any eReader for PDFs+ePUB files. Technically I've read ePUB files on my DS, but it was janky. As a result, I just load all my PDFs in Firefox dev, however I think that is a very inefficient way of doing it and it likely takes up a lot of ram that isn't necessary. If I find an actually decent one that I enjoy then I will gladly use that one and list it here. Maybe I can read PDFs on LibreOffice, but I'd have to see. Even if I can, I'm not sure how janky it would be compared to Firefox dev's built-in system.

D. Chat Clients

NeoMutt - This is currently my email client, however I sometimes use webmail if I have good reasoning to do so. NeoMutt is also terminal and with enough effort, GPG encryption of everything is possible. You can store all your emails offline which is very convenient. I would recommend either POP3 normal-route OR IMAP via Luke Smith's "mutt-wizard" (it's in the AUR).

HexChat - Amazing IRC client. While technically discontinued, it should still function perfectly fine for several years. It's one of the few non-terminal things I use. I considered WeeChat, but noticed that it was too confusing to use for me, though if I ever figure it out then I'll likely use it. Unlike mIRC, it isn't paid, so that's good. IRC is still superior over XMPP and always will be.

Gajim - My current XMPP client. Yes, I know I just said IRC is better, but I'll probably need XMPP occasionally. Also, my email service (cock.li) comes with XMPP upon signup anyways, so it's not as though I'm joining unnecessary services. Will I use it? Likely not much since my servers don't support MUCs or anything cool like that. Even if they did, I prefer IRC for a number of reasons, such as being superior :D

Telegram Client - Since I still use Telegram, I kinda require this one still. Telegram is good, but the requirement for phone-numbers makes it annoying. However, it is pretty irreplacable still for what it provides, and censorship is essentially unheard of unless CP is posted, however that is obvious why. If you require something to communicate with normies, but somehow can avoid Discord, then this is your only bet. Also, national socialism yay. Still not preferred to use though, so I'm going to try to get rid of it soon.

E. FTP Client

FileZilla - Pretty much my only FTP client, and the only one I can think of even existing. It seems fine to me, though I rarely FTP things.

F. Media Player

Technically, I have none as of now other than Firefox dev itself. However, may install VLC or another good media-player soon, assuming the one I install is open-source y'know?

G. Recording + Editing

Shotcut - Free + Open Source video editor. I've used it for around 4 years now, however I've almost never noticed issues. It's perfectly servicable for what I need, thus my HIGH recommendation for it. Seriously, even when I used it on Windows 10 back in the day, it was good. Yet now on Linux, it's practically perfect still.

Audacity - I use this to record audio + edit it. I don't have that much knowledge of audio-editing, though I learned some stuff from an old friend of mine named SmirkyPrawn, who I met back on SubRocks (before it shutdown) in 2021. Had it not been for him, I actually probably still wouldn't know how to PROPERLY edit audio, LOL.

GIMP - Very high quality image editing software. Once you know what you're doing, it beats Microsoft Paint MAJORLY and it likely will beat Adobe Photoshop due to the fact that it is free. I use it for any digital art which I make now, however I also use it for general image edits. Image editing is pretty fun, along with sometimes just drawing random things for no reason.

H. Cryptobro Nonsense

Monero GUI - I use the default GUI client for Monero crypto. In fairness, Monero (also known as XMR) is an actually pretty good crypto. Its above all the others in functionality, yet isn't entirely a meme coin either which I find nice. I will probably rarely use this as I'm broke, but I'd highly recommend using Monero alongside whatever you currently use. Monero has gone up a tiny bit from the last time I checked it, so that's good too, though that may not last forever. I believe its around $140 as of writing, but this number will fluctuate up and down so that's not too relevant.

Electrum - This is the client I use for Bitcoin, which is arguably more memeworthy than Monero but whatever. Bitcoin is ok, but I don't like the fact the ENTIRE TRANSACTION HISTORY is publicly available. It's a privacy nightmare to use it, so I'd only recommend using it if you're really desperate for money like me. Otherwise, stick with XMR and you're good. Though if you don't mind everything being publicly visible, I guess it's not too bad.

I. File Manager

Thunar - This is the file-manager that I use as of now. It gets the job done, so I don't really need anything else.

Other Notes

This is all the relevant software I can think of, but I might be missing something. If I am, I will update it later. Other than that, that's all for now so thanks for reading.
As obvious to everyone, this will change overtime. Some stuff like Vim will remain forever, but other things like Telegram will be removed or be replaced yknow? Also, some stuff may be added in the future.

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