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April 21st, 2024 At 11:47PM

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Overtaking a website is surprisingly easy if you have some friends and extra accounts to your disposal. Formation of a clan to overtake websites crowns thee as dictator by default, even on a large website. Similarly, the tactics can be used entirely against you via proper planning.


Firstly, I would like to start this one off by saying that it will not go over any illegal methods such as DDOSing, blackmail, etc. Only legitimate methods such as mass-inviting your frens to use the site and just staying terminally on the site (me with 3DSPaint).

Secondly, this will be pointless for websites which are already big unless you yourself can somehow gain a much larger amount of popularity to become de facto dictator, however it is very easy on smaller websites.

With that said, the article shall begin now, for I have no more notes to list here.


The method described here is, from my experience, the best way to overtake a website and become it's dictator. All with just some math, not even alternative accounts are required depending on how many there are of you.

I. How It Works

To take over a website, you need numbers supporting you. It depends on the website, so in this case we will have to assume the website is usually rather loose in terms of rules. In this case, we will use a website such as 3DSPaint due to it's lower member count while also not having very strict rules nor being a private-community (along with other benefits, like the usually chill memberbase).

You begin by either having a few frens willing to help you out or being willing to have several alt-accounts. The former is legitimate support, the latter is illegitimate support in warfare. Numbers add up rather quickly, as you'll see later in this article. However, at least start with 5 people as that is enough to get things going in many cases.

Establish a clan, such as Venith [VNTH] on your website of choice. Have your frens like everything you make and you like/upvote everything they make. If that is not possible, still have each other use their accounts as support via replies in support (if you would like to appear more legitimate, voice one or two issues but otherwise say you agree with the point). Exploit every system in this website to your advantage, to make your empire seem more legitimate.

If you're lucky, you will be on a site like 3DSPaint where the moment someone joins, you can invite them to your group. Treat your enemies very carefully in order to make sure they can not attack you. Don't get visibly angry, be careful about saying idiotic things. Even if your point sucked, you sometimes can win if your enemies are even dumber than you, which is very likely if you're capable of *properly* establishing a dictatorship.

Gain as many members as possible, preferably ones that will not betray you. And do not betray them either, or else you will fall, and even then it's just pathetic. Slowly, you will be able to gain power on the website. If you've ever wondered why people obsess over celebrities, it seems to be idolization or even pure-consoomerism in most cases. This is what you want for your soldiers, however because you are not making money or anything, you want these slaves to have a good reason to honor you.

If you're feeling risky, you may annoy the admins. In many cases, this is a bad idea. However, on a website where the admins are majority useless, it may actually pay off to war against the admins rather than submit to avoid losing your empire. Hell, it's part of the reason I went to war against the 3DSPaint administrators (along with SDKcord in general). They were usually inactive and haven't contributed to Paint in years, sometimes last being useful as long ago as before my friend Draconid_Jo joined.

We all had a general dislike already, however going to war would gain members and even support to an extent against SDK admins. When the original war started in August 2022, I didn't entirely expect it to evolve the way it did, but overall it has only been a net-positive for DCE/VNTH due to the fact it shined attention to our empires, and it also gave some a cause to defend. And since I haven't broken any rules, I was safe in the end even though I did suffer bans + plenty of warnings (at least 4 "last" warnings, mostly by the same admin).

Back to the method though, you will gain power in time. If things go well, you can easily gain power on the website. If the owner is sane, he or she would not ban someone who hasn't broken rules and is generally liked by the community. The highest honor would be becoming website owner, but that is unlikely, thus you should desire the highest administrator positions possible. If you get administrator, you should not abuse it or else your empires will fall one day.

Amass an army and you might even begin to have the ability to take over other websites. When you're at 5 people total in the group, it is hard to go beyond small websites. However, if you have 20 or even 50 members, then you can go way further especially after adding alternative accounts. If 50 members had 5 accounts each, you can control a website on 250-ish accounts. Slowly, you can establish your empire far and wide. However, you can also be taken over easily with improper watching of ALL members, so be careful.

It is being treated as though the internet is just a game, but it certainly feels that way to an extent, and I would argue that if Dead Internet Theory is more true than already somewhat admitted, it is very likely that it wouldn't be wrong to treat it as such. Even in the case of real humans, you are not denying them the ability to leave at anytime. Remember, you have to keep some morality even once you are dictator, or else the people will revolt. The moment that the majority believe it is possible to claim back power, they will do so. And if you are not dictator of a social-media giant, they could also just leave.

Be one of the best dictators to ever live, and you may perhaps rule for decades. If you chose to be active on a previously dead website like I did with 3DSPaint, you may even become the man known for restoring the site to it's former glory, at least to an extent. If you restored the site and were still hated, then perhaps your empire will rise from the depths of it's grave, and the world will know that you were right long after. It may take years, but one day the people will realize you were right if you are as good as claimed by yourself.

II. Numbers Adding Up

So let me lay out some key information to note about really small sites along with brand-new websites.

A brand new website only requires as little as 5 accounts to get it kicking, however it requires around 20 to not notice the same people are always replying to each other. 20 is a rather large amount for some people, however proper planning would make a number of even 20 people rather easy to happen. This is especially the case if you have a large IRL-base willing to help, but even mass amounts of internet frens who need a new home could accomplish this.

I would like to note that it will not make your website extremely active by any means. However, 20 frequently-active members would still give you plenty to see. New visitors would also have plenty to view, so even if they recognized it was small, they would be able to see it is active and might be inclined to join. Most are not like me, joining websites that are seemingly dead beyond saving, only to revive it majorly via mainly my efforts.

As for an existing website, it depends. A website that's been rather dead for years would likely only take 5 accounts to make it seem active, but similarly, 20 accounts would essentially get the website back on it's feet. It is, again, by no means, an extremely active website with that alone. But imagine if there were 20 terminally online people on 3DSPaint like mine, that happened to use the website as much as I try to, preferring it over anything else. We would be unstoppable and we already have around 40ish active or semi-active accounts on the website, hence 20 terminally online accounts would be major.

If the website is a bit larger, you may need 50, 100, or even 250+ to take over the website however. This is especially the case on a website with a legitimate community, rather than a community without any sensible direction or logic. It isn't to say you can't take over the site with less, but larger numbers are often necessary for websites with higher numbers of users. Also, websites like Discord are practically unable to be taken over without either becoming the owners or being the true top for years, this is in part due to how they work but also the fact they have SEVERAL MILLION users. So don't bother trying to overtake Discord, though you shouldn't want it anyways when that many users will often make things devolve into chaos.

I would like to note that if you need to keep track on who is a legitimate account and who isn't, you could email your frens and share account usernames. If I recall correctly, government agencies creating fake alt-right accounts have done this because they've made so many that they could accidentally target themselves if they did not. Therefore, have several people help you control the websites and keep track of each other's account numbers in order to make sure things go well.

III. Other Tips

1. Don't attach your real identity to any of the internet wars unless you are for sure ok with it.
2. Don't be a fucking retard.
3. Do keep your accounts secure and if you use the alt-account method, keep emails + IP addresses seperate for obvious reasons.

IV. Problems

There are still a few problems with this method. For one, it only can realistically work on smaller websites. Also, if you have a multi-website empire, you may experience problems trying to keep everyone easily able to communicate, or even the majority. Another thing to consider is if you have enough people to do this unless you're THAT willing to manage 5+ accounts at once, however it is very hard to do this perfectly and you may slip up if done incorrectly.

Also, you need a good reason to even do this. I had a good reason when I took over 3DSPaint as I wanted to revive the website, and I figured the best way was to establish an empire and recruit as many members there as possible. However, expect to have to become autistically obsessed with something for this to even have a chance at working. When you view the numbers, it doesn't sound too hard. It is easy if you have the numbers, but it is almost impossible if you intend to do this monumental task alone.


It is both easy and very annoying to take over a website. It is possible within time, but expect to spend several years of your life working on this to even have a chance at being successful. Also, you must figure out how to keep your empires connected unless you intend to manage multiple empires, which is very stupid unless you also want to use multiple main aliases. There are advantages to that, but it will be a bit of problem later on in some cases.
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