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May 4th, 2024 At 00:12

A long and heavily curated list of my favorite links on the internet. This is essentially a large library that I am giving you, so use it wisely. The table of contents is available for those who require quickly finding something and there will be archives wherever possible of the links given here.


This is a long list of my favorite links on da internet. This will include the original, Internet Archive, TOR, I2P, and ArchiveIS versions of the links. This will usually not include versions stored on my section though, at least for now. Some of these websites may just be fun to look through but not post on as a warning, however they would still be noteworthy for me to list here.

Website Buttons

A. Frens

SoulDJ673.XYZ YouTuube.neocities.org cyberoccultism.online arandomsite.neocities.org PNNAmerica.COM wizardperspective.neocities.org devastatia.com jackofall.neocities.org

B. Miscallenous

Agora Road melankorin.net neoaspect.neocities.org

Website Links

Siling-La Archives
milkystinky undercities 3DSPaint
The best of social-websites I have ever used. The only thing that could top this website for me is my own websites, which is pretty funny considering that throughout most of my time there, blatantly corrupt and/or shitty admins have been frequent. Though the owner is based so that's good, otherwise I don't think I'd still be using Paint now that I'm starting to technically not need it.

Chill community overall, rules are a bit more stricter but you go here to simply relax not spam the first slur on your mind (that's what Neocities is for). Used to work on DSi/3DS, however no longer does. Still good though, it's fun for those who like sites like Paint but want a slightly more modern look with practically no drama.

Ryona Agency
Seemingly just a Plemora instance, however I would argue that it is one of the best of the instances out there. It has TOR, I2P, and more ways to access it along with clearnet, so that's good. As long as what you're posting isn't illegal under (I believe) USA law, you're generally allowed to post it here. Not to mention that the default theme on this one is VERY cool. Since it federates on TOR, even certain TOR-only instances can communicate with it. Smogon Forums
Pokemon competitive forum, however there is some other stuff to do there as well. I believe it requires or HEAVILY benefits from JS, but still fun to use.

This is a Splatoon community forum, it isn't too active anymore however it still gets some activity. I myself am not entirely active here, however I should begin to be more active again as it does seem like quite the fun place to use from my previous experiences there.

Wii-Homebrew Forum
You will need an account here to use all of Wiimmfi's features, so just join for that alone. Also, the forum can be a bit useful albeit hard to read due to the fact that I'm pretty sure some of it isn't in English without translation. Also also, CloudFlared to death so it may not load for that alone. Otherwise really good though, so I approve.

343i Fan Forum
This is obviously an unofficial forum, but it is pretty good. It went under a redesign a while back so it looks better I will admit. It does have a lot of bots as a warning, but overall also a fun forum for Halo fans.

Project Cartographer Forums
The Halo 2 Project Cartographer forums are here, it is VERY clean even compared to many other forums I've seen. I need to seriously be more active here especially if I decide to start playing Halo 2 more.

Schtserv Forums
Phantasy Star Online forums for the Schtserv network, which is a private server for PSO in 2024. PSO was and still is my favorite MMO despite me being absolutely terrible at it. I *really* should play this game more if I were to start playing games more (albeit for communication rather than mere entertainment).

NSMB Hacking Domain
An NSMB DS hacker forum. There are many rom-hacks on this board, no they do not give out actual NDS files for them but rather XDELTA files which you use to patch the NDS copy of a game. They have a guide for that somewhere in the forum, can't remember where.

KB64 is a very small forum, but fun to occasionally post or read in. I don't use it as much, despite wanting to of course as many forums. Once I have the chance though, my account will begin having a few hundred if not thousand posts across the forums/sub-forums.

melonDS Forums
The official melonDS forums, this is owned by it's developer who also owns Kuribo64. Pretty cool, weirdly it's more active in some cases whereas dead in others.

Jul is likely the oldest *actually active* Acmlmboard out there. 2007, older than me XD. It works on DSi btw because it has a mobile mode AND supports pure-HTTP requests instead of forced HTTPS which is good albeit surprising.

Kafuka Boards
This forum is very small, less than 550 people as of me writing this part. However, it is pretty nice to browse the old threads even if posts are relatively rare and you can't even signup normally, you have to put more effort than other Acmlmboards to signup (aka contacting an admin, likely not via email but rather another site like Twitter). Fun tho xd.

Board 2(?)
This was from 2007 or something, can't tell if it's archived or if it's active, but VERY cool fr. Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe
A mix of vaporwave and schizo-politics. Easily my favorite forum to visit as of 2024, it would be hard to justify not coming here.

comfy box
I've had trouble signing up because either my computer is slow as shit or the verification system is just that annoying, however this is a smaller but semi-similar forum that looks cool like Agora. Would at least recommend reading the occasional thread here and there :D

SpaceHey is a mySpace clone based off the VERY old layout it used to have, will note theres a ton of drama usually but if you stick to a good group then its still a decent place to talk in. Also having both HTML and CSS on your profiles is nice, that's even more than what 3DSPaint allows (not to mention audio, video, etc via HTML tags). Sudomemo
Flipnote Hatena alternative that has gone strong for over 10 years. However, will note that most of the Flipnotes uploaded are poorly made sadly, though there's still the occasional gem. Doesn't require homebrew if you have a DSi with it since DNS is the method used to connect to the servers.

Kaeru Gallery
Flipnote Gallery World alternative, this is for Flipnote Studio 3D. Unlike Sudomemo, it requires Homebrew to access especially on our American copies of FS3D.

The best YouTube alternative I can think of that even a normie could use easily. Mostly free-speech, however not entirely fucked like Odysee/LBRY is likely going to be in the future. You can also stream here which is nice, it beats Kick and often is a good site to use in addition to your own video-system (such as my own on this wbesite). @DigitalCheeseYT First Tweet Water Bottle - Review (IA)
Neocities and a Lack of Passion
I'm a fucking webmaster
Use Plaintext Email Corru
Easily the best Neocities website I've seen in forever and a pretty fun game to play too.

A custom search-engine hosted in Canada, actually really based and has a TOR version available too. Verification is easy to do when asked, it also allows you to swap what search engines you would like to use at any point since there's many options available. I almost only use it exclusively now due to it's usefulness.

Pokemon Showdown
Pokemon battle thingy on the internet, Smogon forums can also be used to discuss this place btw.

Black Dragon RPG
A semi-addicting text/basic-image MMORPG. I happen to own a clan that is entirely dead on it so yey. It works on Nintendo DSi surprisingly, so if you really need an MMO to play there then here you go XD.

Base64 Guru
Very useful for converting Base64 strings back and forth, not as good as doing it locally but even a normie is able to use it this way so that's good at least. Also maybe it's faster if you aren't amazing with terminals, so yay.

Flipnote Player
You can play Flipnote files (both from the original Flipnote and FS3D) on this website so that's based fr. It only works on PC and maybe mobile, but whatever lol. Its cool, I approve. You can also export the flipnotes into other formats :D Motherfucking Website
Better Motherfucking Website
Best Motherfucking Website
The Best Motherfucking Website
End of the Internet


I have so many links and you must consoom them all :3
This list WILL change within the future, possibly actively.

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